Sunday, October 14, 2007

Syllabus Fall 2007

Syllabus for GED Fast Track October 16-December 18, 2007
(subject to significant change)
Instructor: Adam Nathanson
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30pm, Room 106
Phone: (804) 780-8311

Benefits of GED Fast Track:
Higher level of instruction, individualized when necessary
Option to participate in blog study to improve writing skills & employability
Access to videos, computer lab
Membership in online classroom accessible 24-7
Instruction using Official Practice Test
Test taking tips
Free Official GED Test with perfect attendance and sufficient Practice Test scores
Assistance pursuing community college enrollment after passing GED

Students will identify a date to take the Official GED Test within 90 days of start of classes (this can be done privately and informally, or with my consultation, it is your personal goal).
Learners will purchase Casio calculator ($10) and Steck-Vaughn GED textbook ($18).
Students will bring paper, pencil, pen, calculator and textbook to class each night.
All Fast Track students will complete an Official Practice Test before taking Official GED Test.
Students must be present for post testing (date to be announced) to be considered for a free Official GED Test. This test is exactly the same as the one taken during registration, and measures each student’s progress during the nine week period.


Tuesday, October 16: 6:30-7:50 Orientation to class & GED test
8-8:30 writing blogs orientation
Thursday, October 18: 6:30-7:50 Contemporary’s Algebra tips
8-8:30 writing blogs creation

Tuesday, October 23: 6:30-7:50 Practice Test Math (PA), note focus areas
8-8:30 discuss & create essay prompts, post to blogs
Thursday, October 25: 6:30-7:50 Math: Intro to Algebra & Geometry- HOMEWORK from handout on creating equations from McGraw-Hill's Top 50 Math Skills for GED Success
8-8:30 students post blog of song lyrics transcribed into EAE

Tuesday, October 30: 6:30-7:30 Review homework on equations/Algebra/Geometry
7:30-7:50 How to Add a blogroll, 8-8:30 Respond to comments on blog, post

Thursday, November 1: 6:30-7:50 livelihood workplace math
8-8:30 writing blogs, post evaluation of own work

Tuesday, November 6: 6:30-7:50 working world percentages
8-8:30 writing blogs
Thursday, November 8: 6:30-7:50 Social Studies Practice Tests: cartoons & maps
8-8:30 writing blogs

Tuesday, November 13: 6:30-7:50 car prices from newspaper as percents
8-8:30 writing blogs
Thursday, November 15: 6:30-7:50 Science Practice Test version PA: graphs & charts

Tuesday, November 20: 6:30-7:50 Math answer sheets: coordinate grids, etc.
8-8:30 writing blogs
Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving NO CLASS

Tuesday, November 27: 6:30-7:50 What to know: GED Geometry
8-8:30 writing blogs
Thursday, November 29: 6:30-7:50 Working world GED Geometry
8-8:30 writing blogs

Tuesday, December 4: TABE post testing (mandatory)
Thursday, December 6: TABE post testing (mandatory)

Tuesday, December 11: 6:30-7:50 JSRCC/GED graduate guest speaker
8-8:30 writing blogs

Thursday, December 13: 6:30-7:50 Teacher evaluations. Sign up for Practice Test
8-8:30 writing blogs

Tuesday, December 18: 6:30-7:50 reserved for review
8-8:30 writing blog


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