Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tutoring Now Available!

Our class has three new ways you can access more help on your way to a GED.

Reading and Writing
Our volunteer tutor, who has a Master's degree in High School English, will be available by appointment for up to 60 minutes before the beginning of class. She will focus on the Reading and Writing sections of the test. Contact me if you would like to arrange a tutoring session.

GED Online
Some of you may remember Richard Sebastian, who worked with us on the blogging project last semester. Well he has also arranged for online tutors to assist learners with GED material. Call his office at 1-888-589-9003 to find out more, or visit www.elearnvirginia.com

GED On Demand
This series offers 39 separate half hour videos covering the subjects and skills needed to pass the GED. You'll hear from experts and former students, get practical test-taking advice, and increase your knowledge in each of the 5 GED test areas: Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

For Comcast digital cable subscribers, choose the Get local folder from your ON DEMAND menu, then choose GED Connection.
For Cox digital cable subscribers, go to Channel 1 ON DEMAND and choose Free Zone. Select Education from the list of options, then choose GED.

This one is also a product of our buddy Richard's labors.

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