Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday, December 6 Assignments

Writing: Post comments to my essay response to this question on your blogs:
  • What would you do to improve Richmond? Why? How? Use your own knowledge, observations and personal experiences to support your answer. Give specific details.

Math: Geometry - Irregular Shapes, p.615 #1,3,4


  • Geometry - Right Triangles, read p.616, do p.617 #1-4
  • Writing: Repsond to essay above, comment on others' blogs


LorettaK said...

being as though i have not been living in virginia long enough to actually understand the vibe that richmond leaves me feeling as far as crime and all but what i do want to state is that i have lived down here long enough to see how where i am from (PHILLY) is sooo different from down here. First of all the first thing i have noticed is that the transportation down here is sooo slow and more inconvenient.Also that everything around your surroundings down here like corner stores and you kniw stuff like that is so far away its like you would have to walk a mile just to get a soda or something. anyway on the important side i would have to say yea that the 2 schools that i have been to down here was not really on top of their game like they suppose to somw of the teachers wanted to pass some students just because they kept felling and i dont think that is right they should teach them instead of pushing them off.Then othe government or whoever need to stop waisting their money on the unnessary and put towards the nessary. Your essay to me was effective you stood to your topic and didnt run off and expressed yourself with a beginning, body and end

stakolee said...

Thanks for that thorough response. I like how you used specific examples about transportation, stores, and schools . You identified the structure of the piece too. On the grammar side though, you've really got to be more careful. When writing a GED essay, a more formal style is required, that avoids run-on sentences and controls spelling and punctuation. See if you can cut some of the sentences in your comment into two or three separate but related sentences, complete with capitalization and proper punctuation.
See you tonight,