Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday, December 4 Assignments

Writing: As a class, we will create a GED Essay formatted writing prompt to which we will all respond. The question will focus on a matter of general knowledge, and support will come from the writers' knowledge, personal experiences, and observations.

Math: Congruent Figures and Proportions in Geometry, pp.610-611, do p.612, #1-6


  1. Writing: If you finish all the assigned essays and recommended revisions, please post blog comments on others' writing using the scoring chart. Look for Felecia's and Jamisha's postings to fellow students' blogs as examples.

  2. Math: If you complete all the assigned Geometry, continue on to read Irregular Figures, p.613-614 in your textbook. Then complete p.615, #1-4.

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