Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday, November 8 Assignments

Math - Equations from McGraw-Hill Top 50 Math Skills Handout
Review last few problems on page 99. Identify homework in GED Steck-Vaughn book and/or online as a class.

Writing Discussion - What's Going On?
At least 15 students have set-up blogs, but no one's really posting much writing there. Let's talk about how we can increase the level of participation in class tonight. Feel free to post your response to this question here on my blog too.

Writing - Answer This GED Essay Prompt on Your Blog by Tuesday
What one experience has significantly changed your life for the better? Why? Use specific examples from your personal knowledge, experiences and observations to support your answer. Try to respond in about 250 words and/or five paragraphs, including an introduction, body and conclusion. Use the chart from my October 30 post to this blog for structural guidelines if you find them helpful. Remember, your writing will be scored holistically, not exclusively focused on punctuation or grammar.

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