Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday, November 6 Assignments

Math - Identify Practice Test Problems
We will continue to pick out and solve problems from the PA Practice Test as a class. Reinforcement work can be done at the links on this blog, and in the Steck-Vaughn GED textbook. Together, we will note the pages in the text that cover the material we choose in class tonight. Math homework will be assigned each period by student-driven requests from focus subject areas. The most common in the past have been: Algebra, Geometry, and fractions/percents/decimals.

Starting tonight, the math homework will always be selected from the Steck-Vaughn GED textbook, or from the math links under Resources on the right hand column of this blog.

Writing - Critique & Correct My Analysis Below as a Posted Comment:

Lyrics selection-
I don't mind leavin' here to show the world we have no fear 'Cause we're a winner and everybody knows it too, we'll just keep on pushin', like your leaders tell you to, at last that blessed day has come and I don't care where you come from, we're just go move on up (movin' on up)

-Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions "We're a Winner"

My analysis:

My song lyric about doing what u feel u should do when the time is right. Sometime other people might come around and to put you down. But you believe in yourself so they can't change you. You're one and only tru love will help you find a way in life, and that's to follow your own path to success! Keep goals in mind everyday and you will overcome the problems that life throw at you.

Corrected analysis:
This selection talks about the Civil Rights Movement, and the challenge of maintaing group self-esteem against huge odds. Curtis Mayfield says in the song that the cause is even worth the cost of his own life if it will "show the world we have no fear." It must have been a time of great inspiration, with the message to keep on pushing coming from leaders like Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy. The spirit of the movement expressed in the song reminds me of justice movements that I've participated in, like the Free Mumia and Anti-globalization movements and marches I've worked on.


Mr.Hundred Rounds said...

that's a real strong messeage cause sometimes i too get side tracked but now i'm much more focus in life to handle my goals

TAKEN BY DRO said...

I kind of understand what you are saying but you need some spelling and punctuation in the blog. I would like to add some things to it but it did not come from me.

Mr.Hundred Rounds said...

First I noticed that you used the letter u to indicate the word you. Then began a sentence with but and you also misspelled the word true,and wrote tru totally incorrect.

Trey said...

Mr. Nathanson,

Your analysis on that lyric was very well put. However, your analysis could have been more detailed, and longer in length. You should give an example of how that lyric may have applied to your personal life. Also, there are alot of spelling and grammar errors that could be corrected, and it actually could clear up your statement a little bit more to the reader. Overall, your selection was a good one!

Richard Sebastian said...


LorettaK said...

while i was reading your analysis i saw a couple of mistakes and those are you have to make sense at what you are trying to say, check your grammar and help us as a reader understand what you are saying

stakolee said...

I agree, the common impulse to use u and tru instead of you and true would have cost me points by GED standards. The way I originally presented my post reflects lazy writing.

That's true too. My punctuation was practically nonexistent, and when it's that conspicuous, the the GED scores will mark an essay down due to run on sentences, etc.

The way you phrase your comments, I sense a future teacher! Your approach encourages the reader to improve without really letting on just how much of a disaster the piece is. I modeled a really weak sample and I'm glad you pointed out that it's devoid of specific examples. You also correctly identified that the time when spelling and punctuation affects you most is when it hinders the meaning you're trying to convey.

Your approach is great, encouraging me to help you understand my writing. Ultimately, the GED Essay scorers need to clearly and quickly understand the writer's point, and my sample fails at this. In this case, the poor grammar did result in an unclear message.